Content creation and public relations agency committed to exceeding its clients' expectations.

Words are what matters. The best words – those which build confidence, trust, understanding, engagement and growth – form the best communication.

With experts in content creation, social media, websites, print, broadcast and PR on our team, we’re better equipped than many at writing the right words and to the highest of standards.

Between us we’ve written for the UK’s leading national newspapers and broadcasters and have board-level experience at one of the UK’s top PR firms.

How do we find the best words to enable you to achieve your goals? By asking you the right questions, about your company, your industry, your clients, your ambitions for growth – and by listening carefully to your answers.

Only then, armed with a deep understanding of your business and your future plans, can we create the perfect match – between you and your clients, you and your industry, you and your target market place – and come up with the best words to tell the world.


Coronavirus update

With remote working no longer the exception but the norm, many of our working environments have changed radically, and in some cases maybe even permanently. Never before has effective communication been so important – with your colleagues and employees, with your clients, your stakeholders, your industry peers and with the wider marketplace.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak we’ve written extensively on a broad range of matters relating to the impact of the coronavirus: internal communications relaying changing business models; essential advice and information for clients – both individuals and businesses – as well as thought leadership in target press.

We can manage and grow your digital footprint to ensure your voice is heard.

Public Relations

Well-constructed PR helps meet and satisfy your commercial goals, generate new business, enhance your reach, promote your product or service, and serves to boost your profile significantly within your target market.

Whether you want to increase your exposure locally, nationally or amongst target business groups, we at Chilli have experience and expertise generating coverage across all forms of media. We regularly secure coverage in the national press, national B2B publications, all forms of broadcast media, and in the local press.

Smart, well-focused coverage drives traffic to your website, grows your social media presence and positions you as a leading business. High-quality coverage can increase sales, enhance marketing, enhance award applications, and boost industry recognition.

Content creation

Our clients feel most alive and thriving when they manage to reach and engage with exactly the people and companies they want to attract. That’s when we know we’ve created ‘content contentment’.

We can revitalise your website and stimulate inbound traffic with a regular and fresh stream of content that engages readers and keeps your online presence alive. We can broaden your reach and help shore up existing clients, all of which helps create business growth.

We can support marketing by drafting advertorials that lead to readers and customers contacting you directly, and with our sharp, observational social media-posting on behalf of clients, we can breathe new life into your social media channels.

If you’d like to see samples of our writing, just let us know.


We are adept at exploiting research, from data mining clients’ narratives to commissioning external opinion. Alongside articles, intelligently framed, bespoke research is a key Chilli output.

Broadcast coverage

With in-house expertise honed from sixteen years of programme production, primarily for the BBC and Channel 4, we have an in depth understanding of the intricacies of the broadcast media, and have secured significant client coverage on the BBC (TV & Radio) ITV and Sky.

Video production

Whatever your budget, we know how to create effective broadcast content. We have produced around 30 hours of programming for BBC One, Two and Four and Channel 4. With access to the latest filming and editing equipment, we can write, shoot and edit films ourselves, giving clients quality content for a reasonable price. For those who want to spend a little more, we have access to award winning TV directors and crew, enabling us to produce top quality films made by the best in the business.

Winning you awards

Most of the awards entries we draft on behalf of our clients lead directly to award nominations, many of which result in actual awards. We’re proud to have helped our clients beat larger and higher-profile organisations to the winners’ podium on the big night.

Media Training

Having worked with many leading broadcasters including Sir David Attenborough, Boris Johnson, Alan Yentob and Dr David Starkey, we offer quality media training not only tailored to your needs but representative of the current media landscape. Whether fire-fighting negative press to setting yourself up as a key commentator in your area of expertise to featuring in a promotional film, we provide training for every type of appearance whether in the media, public speaking, or appearing in a panel discussion. We also outline how best to present your views so they are picked up and covered in the way that best relays your core messaging.


Whether you’re looking for growth, investment or to be snapped up by one of the major players, our fintech content can position you as ‘one to watch’ – a next-generation company making waves in the industry. We know how to create content that opens doors to prospective clients who may be new to the fintech revolution. We understand the problems fintech can solve, as well as the money and time it can save.

Because we frequently think outside the box, our fintech content-writing stands out from the crowd, ensuring your voice is heard clearly and eloquently in an increasingly busy digital landscape.

Pensions & mortgages

Pensions & mortgages which are sometimes thought of as ‘dry’ subjects, offer huge scope for unusual content that can overturn preconceptions without dumbing down those key issues you want to discuss.

Whether it’s businesses or individuals, we understand how to target both effectively, and the right content, delivered in a way that is vibrant and engaging, can position you as a go-to resource for information that is useful and insightful but never dull.

Our novel approach means that publications often come to us for content, knowing that what we provide really stands out. Our financial articles have made it on to ‘most-read’ lists.

A good understanding of the legal landscape means our content is accurate and written to appeal to your target audience. We can translate legalese into engaging copy without ever losing out on the quality of the content.

Effective content views the legal sector from your client’s perspective – whether business, family or individual. It shows that you understand the challenges your clients face and the reasons they should come to you. We explain why you are best placed to help a business thrive or a family protect its wealth. We know the pitfalls businesses and individuals can succumb to and how, with your support, these hazards can be avoided.

We can do all this, as well as reinvigorating your website and providing you with a regular feed of engaging content, which draws people into your site, boosts your general online presence and stimulates your social-media channels. We write compelling advertorials designed specifically so that people will get in touch, and we write newsletters, updates and blogs designed to retain and grow relationships with existing clients.

From Purcell to Picasso to Proust, we have an in-depth knowledge and love of the arts in their myriad forms. With a high-profile arts journalist and a BBC arts documentary-maker on our team, we know how to find an arts audience and tell it a good story. In particular, our combined experience working with most of the UK’s major orchestras, choirs, opera houses and ensembles means we have a deep understanding of, and affinity with, the world of classical music.

Television & Film

We also provide programme ideas to TV and film production companies. We’ve won several commissions for the BBC and currently have a series of drama and documentary ideas in the pipeline.